Guiding Your Salesforce Users Every Step of the Way

WalkMe enables Salesforce customers to create and overlay interactive Walk-Thrus that intuitively guide their users to self-task successfully with even the most complex processes.

"I found WalkMe’s ‘Walk-Thrus’ specific and relevant to the needs of our business’s use of Salesforce, and they were delivered in a style and at a pace that is suited to each of our new Salesforce users. EchoSign is the most rated Application on the appexchange with walk me we'll take it to the next level of customer delight - I would not hesitate in recommending WalkMe – it has exceeded my and our customers expectations." Eitan Saban – VP, Head of EchoSign/Adobe Customer success

Salesforce training is specifically designed to teach you everything about the complexities of the CRM solution. Training programs are generally designed for those who have no prior knowledge about Salesforce. Above all, the training is for those who need to configure the Salesforce administration basics. Salesforce training can be anything from videos, in-person training and alternative online training methods

Why You Should Try Salesforce Training?

The biggest benefit of Salesforce training is that you can implement it as needed. There is no need to pay extra cost to watch the videos. The training also includes some easy hacks and guide that gives you better understanding of Salesforce. As a beginner trying to learn the ins and outs of this solution, training provides a comprehensive knowledge of the subject.